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Thank you for showing an interest in joining FORT. Please make sure you've read and understand/agree to the FORT code of conduct before completing your application. It also might be helpful to read Working at FORT and how it works to figure out what kind of artist agreement best suits your needs. Decisions are made collectively at FORT, so all current residents will be consulted before we approve applications for any new artists. You can also find our Accessibility and client information here.

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Please note: the studio is closed for tattooing on Mondays to allow for team meetings, socials, deep cleans, flash days, training, workshops, screen printing, trades, admin time etc.

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Safety and accessibility

We're looking for other artists who share our desire to work in a radically inclusive environment and a more ethical industry.

We do not advertise ourselves as a "safe space" because safety looks different to everyone. Instead, we are clear about how we put our values into action so that people can decide for themselves if that makes the space safe for them, and we invite constant feedback so we can be held accountable and learn effectively.

We are currently consulting with practitioners in the fields of therapy, tattooing, clinical massage and social justice to develop an introductory course to trauma-informed tattooing. We are still in the process of developing this course, but once it is ready, successful completion of it will be mandatory to work from FORT. We will send you more information about this as soon as the first sessions are ready to book. It's likely to include some prep reading, a short online discussion and a quiz, and will probably cost around £15.

We'd love to know why FORT's trauma-informed and consent-led approach is important for your practice.


We have one station which is in a private 1 to 1 room. This is particularly suitable for anyone who likes a less stimulating environment or anyone whose practice benefits from a more private setting. We will always let you know which beds are available, but it's good to know what your preference is.

If you haven't already done training in hygiene and infection control, you'll need to complete this course or something similar before you're able to work with us.


We would like to prioritise space for applicants who are more likely to find other studios unsafe or physically, sensorially or financially inaccessible. We acknowledge that the tattoo industry can be a toxic place for many people and we are passionate about doing everything we can to challenge and change that. The following questions are not mandatory, but if you do choose to answer them, they will help us allocate spaces at FORT to those who need them most. Transfemme, BIPOC, Working Class and Disabled folks will always be prioritised.


This isn't for our website or Instagram. If you want to describe your identity in the bio that we use to promote you, please add it to the bio section on the first page of this form.


Thank you for applying to work with us

Please bear in mind that over the course of June and July 2023 we will be focusing heavily on getting the studio decorated and ready to work from, so there may be some delays in communication, and we will prioritise responding to artists who wish to start work sooner.

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