Accessibility and client information

Welcome to FORT. We are a non-profit, queer, sober, trauma-informed and accessibility-centered tattoo, bodywork and art studio in Stoke Newington, London.

On this page is all of the information we thought was relevant to accessibility, but if we’ve missed anything or you want to ask any questions please email us at [email protected]. For specific accessibility requests or comments about your appointment, please contact the artist you are seeing.


Red and grey cobblestones on the pavement outside the studio

We don’t publish our full address on our website for safety reasons, but are within a few hundred metres of Stoke Newington Overground station. Your artist will send you the address when they confirm your booking. The Overground station does not have step free access, though there are lots of bus stops nearby. (Bus numbers 106, 67, 76, 243, 149, 393 and 476 all stop within 300 metres of the studio).

The nearest drop curb near the studio is by the intersection of Belfast Road and the station/high street, and mobility scooter or wheelchair users are best off traveling down the left hand side of Belfast Road from this point. There is some uneven road surfacing and cobbles at the mouth of the alleyway that leads to the building, shown in the image to the left (click to enlarge).

Structure of the building

FORT is one level with no steps from the front door to the studio or any of the tattoo beds, however, the bathroom has not yet been adapted specifically for wheelchair access. It is possible to get a wheelchair within 2 feet (60cm) of the toilet so wheelchair users who are ambulatory for that distance are able to use the bathroom. Please see images and measurements below for specifics. We are currently in the process of applying for funding to convert the bathroom for full wheelchair access. If you would like us to get in touch with you when this is done so you know when our physical accessibility improves, please email [email protected].

Treatment beds

Most of the treatment beds are flat massage beds, and all of them take at least 200kg of weight. Let us know if you need a bed which takes more weight than this. We do have a seated massage bed which is suitable for some massage treatments and tattooing people’s backs, and depending on placement, artists may be able to tattoo you whilst seated (in your own chair, or one of ours). Discuss with your artist if you have preferences or concerns around your positioning.

Sensory information

The main studio has large skylight windows which mean it’s pretty bright in the summer with natural light. If you need low lighting, let your artist know and they can book you for a later appointment but it stays relatively bright until sunset.
Due to the skylights and tall ceilings, the studio does tend to get a bit warm in summer and a bit cold in winter. We have heaters and fans and try to regulate the temperature as best we can, but discuss with your artist if you’re concerned, or want your session to take place in the private studio where it’s easier to control the temperature.
There is usually background music playing but we aim to check in with artists and clients in the room to make sure it’s something everyone is comfortable with. Please feel free to communicate with your artist if the music is disturbing and they can change it. If all four beds are occupied, there is some background chatter. Most artists use quiet machines or handpoke, but sometimes we may have guests who use louder machines. Feel free to bring earplugs or ear defenders if this might be an issue for you.
There may occasionally be an oil diffuser on, but artists will check with anyone in the room before using it. We don’t have incense or candles as our landlord doesn’t allow this. If you prefer your artist to use tattooing/cleaning products with less intense fragrances please discuss this with them directly as we do have options for unscented products.
Touch / Pain
You are welcome to bring stim toys, a blanket, ear plugs, anything that might help you feel calm and comfortable. If you want to use numbing cream contact your artist directly to discuss.
Clients do occasionally bring dogs/pets to the studio. It doesn’t happen every day but there is a chance they might be around, so if you’re allergic to dogs/pets or cannot be in a room with them for any reason, please contact your artist to discuss and they can book you on a quieter day or use the private studio.

The private studio

We have one private studio that any artist can tattoo from, subject to availability. It’s suitable for people who prefer smaller spaces, want a more private setting and/or prefer a sensory environment that can be more easily controlled. Please enquire with your artist and they can find a time when this room is available.


You’re welcome to bring a pet or support animal with you to your appointment. They are allowed in the waiting area but can’t come into the sanitary tattoo area.

You’re welcome to bring an assistant, carer, translator, interpreter or friend to your appointment if you need to for accessibility reasons. We ask that you only bring someone if it is necessary for accessibility, because the studio can get quite full — but you don’t need to justify why you are bringing someone. Please let your artist know if you are bringing someone and if you have any questions or concerns about friends/group bookings please discuss directly with your artist.

Measurements of doorways and steps

Click on any of the images below to enlarge it (opens in a new tab).

The external door, open, showing the gap and a rubber non-slip door mat inside.
External door — 72cm wide
A shutter can be opened if you need more space to get through but please let your artist know ahead of time.
The right-hand door to the main studio, closed, which is a black wooden door that is 79 cm across. It has a silver handle about halfway up and opens inwards.
Main studio single door — 79cm wide
The main double doors to the main studio, closed, which are black wooden doors that are 161 cm across in total. The doors have a silver handle about halfway up the right hand side, and open inwards.
Main studio double door — 161cm wide
The entrance to the sterile area of the tattoo studio, showing our blue/grey floor with black and pink shelving units on either side, creating an entryway to the sterile area of the studio. A metal hand-washing sink and two orange and black sharps bins are visible in the distance.
Main studio entrance to tattoo area — 84cm wide
The closed white door of the private studio, with a brown ramp leading up the step. There is a silver handle about halfway up the door on the left side. A trans flag hangs in the left of the image covering the studio's window.
Private studio door — 74cm wide
Step up to private studio (ramp available) — 12cm tall
The doorframe leading from the grey studio floor to the white tiled bathroom floor surface, showing the 3cm step up to the tiled surface. There are wood-effect cabinets stacked up on the right hand side of this corridor.
Bathroom corridor narrowest point — 68cm wide
Bathroom corridor step — 3cm tall
The doorframe and step up to the bathroom cubicles on the right hand side, with a brown wooden ramp leading up to the white tiled floor.
Bathroom step, right hand cubicles — 14cm tall (ramp available)
Toilet cubicle, open, with a white tiled floor and a white toilet inside (with black seat), showing the scale of the cubicle.
Bathroom cubicles (right hand) — 68cm wide, 175cm deep
The doorframe and step up to the bathroom cubicles on the left hand side, with a brown wooden ramp leading up to the white tiled floor.
Bathroom step, left hand cubicles — 8cm tall (ramp available)
Toilet cubicle, open, with a white tiled floor and a white toilet inside, showing the scale of the cubicle.
Bathroom cubicles (left hand) — 68cm wide, 175cm deep
Step inside cubicles — 6.3cm tall

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